About Us

Who we are

In 2017, our founder created the all-star Europe Warriors team in order to cross the ocean and face Pumas from UNAM, one of the most powerful colleges in Mexico.

After falling short by a field goal against Pumas de la UNAM in 2017, in the summer of 2018 the team returned to Mexico, to the Olympic Stadium of the University of Chihuahua to play the Intercontinetal Bowl against the Aguilas de la UACH. This time the result was different and Europe Warriors got their first win.

That spirit of WARRIORS that was brought into battle in front of thousands of spectators defined Our Roots and Warrior Skin Apparel was born.

Our Headquarters

Based in Europe, we ship all of our orders from Spain, designing and manufacturing apparel for football teams and other sports from our international experience as players, coaches or managers, surrounded by athletes of all levels and we are already delivering Sports Apparel and Football uniforms from Southern Europe.

War Ready Apparel, unbeatable on quality and price, taking care of details and always following the specifications and monitoring from our customers.

We can produce a few units still giving you great prices to fit your team’s budget at any level.

Our apparel is made with:

Attention to details






We manufacture #YourWarApparel with a close follow-up from your team managers, following your athletes specifications.

We are open to design and provide any War Apparel out of our portfolio under request, helping you to design your own War Apparel Portfolio for Managers, Staff, Players and Fans.

In Warriors Skin Apparel top quality materials and high production standards are mixed together to bring to you a top of the market apparel line with different techniques and top custom embroidery in the market.

Great fabrics, hard seams, tough zippers and the attention to details allows us to develop the products you deserve.